Acquainted With The Night

I can hear the noise of silence,

See the colours of the dark,

My mind sees things my eyes cannot,

The past and the might-be future.


I am tired but sleep doesn’t come,

I cannot think of anything but my mind swirls with thoughts,

I cannot plan but the questions seeking answers still come to me,

Alone in my space, yet constrained on all sides.


Speculation takes my peace,

Imagination takes my joy,

My mind’s eye is steely, full of spite,

For my daring in dreaming, it seeks revenge.


I know that monsters walk at night,

The “hidden people” go among the living,

I am my own worst fear,

My mind against me.


I am acquainted with the night,

Fighting the dreaded, not wanting to be prey,

I want to escape, tired of the battle,

I want to sleep, my mind a friend.


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