What’s the Moon?

It comes out at night, the opposite of sun.

But it’s there in the day too, sometimes with the sun.

Sometimes they’re friends and sometimes not.

One’s bright and warm.

The other’s just there.   Or not.   Or changes shape.

Some things change and some stay the same.


I was told once moon melted.

Because of orange soil.

I imagine it fall from the sky in big drops.

Melt like cheese and fall,

But where?

Where would all that moon go?

And how did it get back to the sky?


I like the moon, I have the feeling it doesn’t always do as expected.

The sun is good, stays the same.

The moon seems to do what it wants.

Comes out or hides away, whatever the time.

Chases the car, no matter how fast we’re driving.

Has a man who lives there.


My cat likes the moon,

And she doesn’t always do what’s expected either.

Goes out all night and sleeps all day,

Doesn’t want to stay in the warm house.

Comes back wet and with the night’s hunting.

A cat like the moon, following her own way.


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