The obstacle course…

On day 4 of Celestine’s Positive Affirmation challenge on the Personal Excellence blog, and the immediate obstacle I had to overcome was writing this post in the first place.   I had a busy day at work, I had my goddaughter’s school play to go and see, it was late before I got home…how can I possibly be inspired to write??


Simples.   Sit at the computer and start typing.   Let out the immediate worries and concerns onto the page and then more thoughts start to flow out.   I know this would happen if I just sat down but I didn’t.   Too much effort, far too big an obstacle…


“I have the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way”.


I’m happy to admit that my most challenging obstacles are made by me.   I decide I can’t and therefore I don’t.   Even when there is a certain amount of third party involvement, for example in trying to obtain a place to study for a PhD, if I decide I can’t and don’t make the effort, then back to the old self-fulfilling prophecies again.   If I don’t contact the academics to discuss their programmes, research funding, sit down and write a proposal then quite simply the obstacle is definitely going to remain right where it is.


I have to accept that even with the work, I may not obtain a place straightaway, due to the constraints of others, but consider the benefits of doing the work.   I have knowledge for the next application round.   I have contacts. I have ideas of how I could improve or focus my proposal.   I may have more insight into what it is I want to research and whether it’s really what I want to do.   The obstacle may move in the future or I may find my way around it, or through it.


One of the benefits I have found from following Celestine’s challenge, and blogging about it, is the opportunity it has provided for me to really examine my thoughts and behavior in response to each day’s affirmation.   Yes, rather than decide I was far to busy to think about these things and therefore contemplate what I might rather ignore, I sit myself down and type away.   Progress isn’t made without a plan and insight, and this has been a useful way of focusing on how I would like to develop in terms of my learning and skills, and what I need to do to move in that direction.


This is an interesting article on a similar theme by Laura Vanderkam, which appeared on her website yesterday.


Also, Tiny Buddha published this article by Deborah Shelby today.



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