Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) is a British artist best known for her abstract, modernist sculptures.   Born in Yorkshire and later making her home in St Ives, Cornwall, she spoke of her inspiration from the land around her and from human reactions to the landscape.


“..there is the human figure which in the country becomes a free and moving part of a greater whole.   This relationship between figure and landscape becomes vitally important to me”.

‘The Studio 132:643, 1946’.


I cannot write anything about landscape without writing about the human form and the human spirit inhabiting the landscape

‘Studio International 171, June 1966’


For her, we were not “on” the landscape, we were within it, part of it and reacting differently to its differing forms.   Being in the mountains is more than looking at a place, it does also influence how you view yourself in the world and as part of the world.


To find out more:   Barbara Hepworth-Within the Landscape exhibition at Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal until 28th September 2014