Time goes by…

If you knew you only had a limited time left, how would you spend it?   I’ve had a bit of a contemplative week, following the death of a neighbor and the serious illness of another friend.   None of us know what’s round the next corner yet I’m conscious that I, for one, can drift through life in a rather blasé and unthinking assumption that “some day” or “one day” I’ll get round to something.


To quote the inspirational picture I’ve seen on the internet, there are 7 days in a week and “some day” and “one day” are not among them!


So what gets in the way?   Not television in my case, as I don’t have one (long story).   But even allowing for internet time, I can spend a lot of time “pottering”, which is pleasant in its own way but not exactly going to help me learn another language, write a book or find a place on a PhD programme.   I have found changing my surroundings can help, going to the university library to work or study, or down to a Costa Coffee, just for some thinking time without the distractions of the house.


Journaling has helped me process my thoughts and come up with ideas.   The act of writing down or telling someone else what’s on your mind really does seem to help in finding my own solutions, I guess that’s why the Samaritans have helped so many people find their answers to far more significant problems in their lives using that approach.


In other news, here is a picture of the snow leopard cubs at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, out and enjoying the good weather last weekend!



The past does not define me, the future is mine to create…

Learning from the past is good.   Letting the past define you, not so good.

The title of this post is taken from day 1 of the Affirmation Challenge from Celestine’s website, Personal Excellence, personalexcellence.co   Wherever you are in life, or wherever you want to be, it’s a website worth visiting for inspiration and motivation.

I’m all too aware that on many occasions I’ve allowed something that happened in the past to persuade me that, no matter what, it couldn’t be different in the future so there was no point in trying to make it so.   As I don’t have a crystal ball or any skill in reading tarot cards or tea leaves, this was purely assumption on my part.   But it was an assumption I lived by and only on reflection did I realize how many opportunities I missed out on.

I’m just going to write about one little example from my life.   Swimming.   If you’ve read the poetry post about my school swimming hat, you will have probably deduced that I took to swimming like a duck takes to quantum physics.

Even now, I only swim breast stroke and very slowly.   I tried on a couple of occasions as an adult to learn the front crawl.   However, a combination of learning the breathing, putting my face in the water and getting the limb coordination required made it a struggle for me.   I’ve therefore never persisted and decided I was not someone who could learn front crawl.

But triathlon looked like fun.   And yes, I did the swim section by breast stroke.   500 metres in around 25 minutes-some of my fellow competitors were well into the bike leg while I was still gulping on chlorinated water.

Triathlon still looks fun and, of course I am not someone who can’t learn front crawl.   I am someone who has decided that she won’t learn due to her beliefs about swimming and the skill required, and therefore hasn’t made the effort to learn and practice the skills.   Big difference.

So in that little way, my past is not going to define my future and I’ve signed up for more swimming lessons in August.   Once that defining belief is exposed for what it is-just my belief, no more, no less-it’s an incentive to explore and examine other similar beliefs.

Start small and grow.


If you want to join about (at the moment) 300 others worldwide and take Celestine’s challenge, visit the website personal excellence.co


On another topic, some good news locally from a charity I volunteer with, Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.   WWF-UK estimate that there are only 6,000 snow leopards left in the wild worldwide. Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is part of the international breeding programme for these gorgeous creatures.   Their snow leopards Tara and Pavan became the parents of these 2 little ones in May of this year.


The cubs are a boy and a girl, and haven’t been named yet, but they are part of the future survival of their species.   If you want to follow their progress, visit the website www.wildlifeoasis.co.uk or “Like” their Facebook page.